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Who We Are +
What We Do :

Who We Are + What We Do :

(Pronounced: MEL-LOO-ZEEN)

We started with a shortlist of winemakers that we met and became friends with while living in France, and in 2017 launched our portfolio to the US market. All of our producers, from across the Hexagon, share three qualities in their farming and winemaking approach that we respect; purity, terroir, and harmony.
We represent 30 + independent, passionate women and men who make wines too good not to share! While they are busy sowing and tilling their soil, pruning, and watching over their fields and cellar, we are hard at work placing their wines with importers and distributors in the US and making an impact for them, one state at a time!

The wines that we love and want to drink every day are low-intervention wines made from organic or biodynamically farmed grapes. The producers that we seek out are transparent about how they farm their vines and how they make their wine.

What do we mean by ‘low-intervention’ wines? …

  • No added yeasts, no added acids, tannins, sugars, stabilizers, or other chemicals that are allowed in winemaking.
  • No or minimal filtration + fining.
  • Very minimal sulfur dioxide added at bottling, or even better; none added!

We are excited for you to discover these producers as they become available in the US!

Mary + Benjamin Daire

*Please excuse any typos in our website (+ let us know if you find any!) we are a husband-wife small business and manage our website as we do the other aspects of our business, independently.

Why ‘Mélusine’?

Melusine (French: [melyzin]) is a figure of European folklore and mythology (mostly Celtic), a female spirit of fresh water in a sacred spring or river. … it’s also the first street where we lived in France, rue Mélusine.