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Languedoc Region

Poîvre d’Ane

Poîvre d'Ane Available in New York + New Jersey via Volcanic Selections ; Who: In 2013, three friends with extensive experience and an even greater passion for wine founded their own "house" committed to producing

Les Collines du Bourdic

Les Collines du Bourdic Now available in: MA via Hogshead Wine Co. D.C., Maryland + Virginia via Comete Wines FL via City Beautiful Beverage Who: It all started in 1928 with a handful

Domaine LaLaurie

Domaine LaLaurie Domaine LaLaurie wines are available in Massachusetts via Night Shift Distributing Who: Since 2007, Audrey + Camille LaLaurie, twin sisters with their two distinct but complementary personalities, have been combining their expertise