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Cave de Clairmont

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Who: In 1972, three families united to create Cave de Clairmont on the Crozes-Hermitage appellation according to their aspirations for sharing resources, work well done, and overall well-being. These families are still here today, with the next generation stepping up to take over. The collective spirit is still alive, more than ever attached to the savoir-faire of their terroir and the common good.

Where: Since 1972, Clairmont has been firmly established on the left bank of the Rhône, in the town of Beaumont-Monteux, very near Tain-l’Hermitage and close to Valence. Clairmont, a key stakeholder of Crozes-Hermitage, owns 115 hectares in the heart of the appellation situated on the 45th parallel. An essential asset for the distinctive characteristics and diversity of the wines, the 115 hectares owned by Clairmont are located in four distinct geological areas.

Vineyards: A first area is found in the mountainous area of the locality named “Les Chassis”. It lies upon a thick, layer of smooth, rounded pebbles giving good drainage, originating from various periods of the ice age, mixed with red clay.
A second area is found on the very ancient high terraces of the town of Chanos-Curson.
A third area, located on the terraces of Beaumont-Monteux, lies upon soil comprised of sandy-clay and allu-vium of ice age origin giving good drainage, with very stony and deeper soils.
A fourth area is found on the granite slopes of the town of Crozes-Hermitage.

Cellar: At Clairmont, all the wines are created with the group mentality at heart.
Each harvest brought to the cellar by the winegrowers is planned separately to produce special, different wines, but they all bear the same hallmark of high standards and quality desired by the group.

Fun fact: Clairmont is one of the smallest cooperative cellars in France made up of 7 family estates. It’s a co-op winery on a micro-scale, allowing 7 families to share their resources, live from their lands, and produce wines using state of the art technology and the savoir-faire of the generations.