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Champagne Louis Barthélémy

Louis Barthélémy Champagnes are distributed in Massachusetts via Night Shift Distributing;

Who: Jean-Barthélémy Chancel. The house was acquired in 2002 by Chancel, son of a reputable winemaking family from the Rhone valley. At age 25, he became the youngest champagne négociant-manipulant of his generation. (This means that he does not own his own vineyards, instead, he has long-term buying contracts from very prestigious vineyard sites in and around Ay, because of family connections and history, he has access to some of the best grapes!)

As a symbol of the rebirth of the winery with Jean Barthélémy’s purchase, the winery name was changed to Louis Barthélémy, and the winery moved to Ay in 2011, settling in what was previously a property of the French crown under Henry the 4th. Jean-Barthélémy Chancel was trained in vinification by his father and worked for more than ten years at their winery, Chateau Val Joanis, in the Luberon.

He now strives to remain true to the families uncompromising quest for quality, while preserving the unique Louis Barthélémy legacy.

Where: Ay

Vineyards: The house benefits from rich and diversified grape buying contracts in a large number of crus. “Of a viticultural background, we strive to obtain the best from Champagne’s diversified terroirs in order to vinify great wines, which in turn will enable us to produce great wines.

Cellar: “We have introduced a highly selective winemaking philosophy: from the rigorous selection of grapes to the bottling of the wines: precision, control, and quality are the unbending principles that go into the Louis Barthélémy taste, a perfect balance between intensity and freshness. Complex, unique and elegant, all our wines are characterized by a small dosage and extended on lees aging period. In order to symbolize our uncompromising quest for exceptional wines, we have named each wine after a precious stone.”

Fun fact: Jean-Barthélémy is also the owner and brewmaster of Brasserie La Parisienne, a craft brewery located in the heart of Paris!