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Château Barouillet

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Who: Vincent Alexis, 3rd generation grape farmer/winemaker

Where: 24240 Pomport

Vineyards: 40 hectares farmed organically, divided between 4 appellations: Monbazillac, Bergerac, Pécharmant, Cotes de Bergerac Moelleux. The winery sits on the crossroads of 3 different communes; Pomport, Mescoules et Lembras, in Southern Bergerac, less than 50 km from Saint Emilion.

Why vigneron? “I have a habit of saying that just like Obélix (classic French cartoon character), I fell into the ‘tank’ when I was young, and grew up knowing only making wine.”

Cellar: I realized, eventually, that being a ‘vigneron’ could be different from what it meant for my father. Though inspired by him and our lineage of winemaking, I took a different path than he in converting our entire domain to organic viticulture and estate-bottling our wines, no longer selling to the bulk market. I came to learn that I could be creative and innovative in my winemaking. My wines are made with little to minimally added sulfites.

Fun fact: For the past several years we have had a ‘pet’ crow named Coco at the winery…you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a crow playing with dogs!


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