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David Large Vigneron

David Large’s wines are distributed in MA via Massachusetts via Night Shift Distributing:

and in NY via SoilAir Selection ;

Who : David Large (owner/winemaker/grape-farmer) born in the 86′ vintage. Son, grandson, great-grandson, back-to-back, little grandson of a winemaker.  His family started producing wine in 1840, and he is now the 7th generation vigneron and natural winemaker, doing things like his grandfather did!

Where :  69640 Montmelas

Vineyards : 5 hectares farmed organically.

His vineyards are located in pockets around Montmelas, a beautiful and mountainous area of the Southwest Beaujolais. The soil types of David’s wines are predominantly granite, clay and the “Pierres Dorées”, a local and unique limestone formation pigmented with iron oxide. His wines also benefit from a volcanic rock base.

Having formerly worked for Michael Chapoutier, his vineyard management and wine-making are artisan and natural (native yeasts are used with only very minimal use of sulfites at bottling, and none in the vineyards). Everything is done by hand, from picking to racking. David has a hand in every step of the process, from working his vineyards, managing the vinification and even making his own deliveries.

Winemaking : “I move slowly on my approach in natural wine. 30-40 parts max. sulfur added at bottling, depending on wine and vintage.” 2017 was his first ‘real’ vintage under the name David Large, even if he has always vinified and worked the vine in Beaujolais and other regions of France.

All harvest is done by hand. Only native yeasts are used. No filtering or fining.

Fun fact: David is a poet, his work can be found on the front and side labels of his bottles.