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Domaine Coquelicot

Just southeast of famous Bordelais names like Saint-Émilion lies the area of France commonly referred to as the Sud-Ouest, in the department of Dordogne (named after the area’s main waterway). The older name for this natural region of the country, however, is the Périgord. It’s among this land of medieval history with a rich natural landscape, up-river from the headline-grabbing neighbors in Bordeaux, that Grégoire Rousseau of Domaine Coquelicot has, since 2012, been making fresh Périgourdine wines that evoke the best of the truffle-rich southern French forests in the Dordogne. The grape varieties are recognizable – Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv – but their collective lift in these bottlings show off a slightly less hedonistic and head-dizzying tannic structure that can sometimes overrun the grapes’ more subtle aspects. Near Bordeaux, though distinctly and proudly not Bordeaux – this is the Périgord!


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