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Domaine de Cambis

Domaine de Cambis wines are distributed in Rhode Island via Wine Bros ;

Who: Martin Perolari, in his early-30’s, is at the helm of his family’s winery. The winery was first established by his parents back in 2002. His mother, Annick Perolari (pictured here), was the driving force behind the creation of Domaine de Cambis in 2004, in the heart of the ‘Eldorado’ of the Languedoc.

Where: We live in a village of 180 people in the heart of the Languedoc and of the Saint-Chinian Appellation. We are due North of Montpellier, in the foothills of the Montagne Noir.  

Vineyards: Our soils are rich in schist (shale) so our greatest goal in our winemaking is to make sure this amazing element in winemaking shines through. We also take great pride in cultivating indigenous grapes to our region, which will be the best ambassadors to our exceptional terroir and high altitude. We are in conversion to organic vineyard certification.

Cellar: We seek out finesse and freshness across our range of wines. We strive to bring consistency and a house-style to the entire range of wines; expressing tension + freshness. On all our wines there is this thread, even on higher-end cuvées, you will find this point of tension that makes wines easy to drink and thirst-quenching.

Favorite grape: Difficult to say! I love the finesse of Syrah, it’s a pleasure to vinify! On the other hand, I love Carignan. It is so difficult to keep healthy in the fields (very sensitive to powdery mildew and mildew) and to vinify (you have to be very precise about the date of harvest and extraction) that when the result is good, it is usually exceptional. It is a work of precision to vinify the Carignan and it is also the emblematic grape of our region.

Fun fact: In the family, we love old cars + motorcycles. We have a Peugeot 203 pickup from 1953 with which we worked in the vineyards for almost ten years! today we have it restored. I would like to transform it to take our visitors on a tour of the vineyards! I also have an old Honda motorcycle of the 1980s and my father a Triumph of the 70s. It’s a passion and I think that the list of vehicles of the winery is likely to lengthen !!!