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Domaine Rabasse Charavin

Who: In in 1984, Corrinne took up the torch marking the 3rd generation of Charavin. Her husband, Jean Paul COUTURIER, who doesn’t work on the domaine but comes from a family of wine-makers, brought to the enterprise many vines on the Plan de Dieu and in Violès. In 1993, daughter Laure joined the team.

Where: Cairanne, 84290

Vineyards: “In the vineyards, too, we respect nature and natural processes. We cultivate the soil to control weeds – we do not use herbicides. To protect the vines from fungal diseases, we use certified organic products (copper sulphate against mildew, flowers of sulphur against powdery mildew ).
We do not use insecticides.

Currently, we produce Cairanne (red and white), Rasteau, Plan de Dieu, Côtes du Rhône (red, white & rosé) and Vin de France. The total domaine is now about 40 Ha . The work is shared between 5 full time and 2 part-time employees.”

Cellar: Rabasse-Charavin wines enjoy a heritage of being both classically structured, and traditionally styled. “The majority of our wines are aged in concrete (béton) vats. Our wines are unfiltered and unfined (hence the presence of a slight natural deposit in the bottles) .
We allow them as much time as they need to mature, as some wines require more time than others for their fermentation. This can sometimes delay the bottling process and lead to temporary shortages.”

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