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Geneviève Thisdel

Geneviève’s wines are distributed in Massachusetts via Hogshead Wine Co.

Who: Geneviève Thisdel, from Quebec, Canada. “Born in Quebec in 1981, it was in 1999, from the height of my 18 years that I discovered the Beaujolais by chance and driven by the crazy idea to harvest! Without knowing it, this adventure of a few days (very exotic for a Quebecois at the time) would profoundly change my life a few years later!

Back in Quebec, I leave my hometown, to settle in Montreal where I integrate a school of photography. Subsequently, I worked 7 years in landscaping.  At 33, passionate for a long time by wine and vine, I decided to leave everything to discover this vast universe. Having kept a privileged link with Beaujolais, it is here, in 2014, that I choose to undertake a BTS Viticulture- Oenology. Helped by precious friends, and driven by the success of this training, I decided to settle there.”

Where : Vauxrenard, 69820.

Vineyards : “In 2015, I purchased a small vineyard with the idea of doing everything. From the vineyard to the glass. My first wine, Le P’tit Bonheur 2015 was born! New in 2016 and 2017, I bought Chardonnay grapes to be able to produce my first white wine, Le P’tit Vélo Beaujolais Blanc . I attach great importance to respect for the environment, the land, and biodiversity. My vineyard is covered in grass, just like the one from which my Chardonnays come from.  I currently produce according to the Terra Vitis charter. Strict specifications on sustainable viticulture. You can find more information about Terra Vitis certification here. The soil is worked to eliminate all traces of weed killer from the previous owner. I use organic fertilizer to bring balance to the ecosystem of my soils. No insecticide nor pesticides are used. I am not yet certified in organic viticulture, but I will get there eventually!”

Winemaking : “My wines are not natural, but I work so that they are first and foremost a reflection of their terroir. They are vinified without sulfur. A small dose is added for preservation and bottling. For example, for 2016, I am at 36mg / L, while the European standard is 150mg / L. I am proud to present my Beaujolais-Villages Rouge wine, Le P’tit Bonheur (100% Gamay), and since this year, my Beaujolais Blanc, Le P’tit Vélo (100% Chardonnay). These wines are the result of conscientious and obstinate work, in the vineyard as in the cellar. They are also at the origin of passionate exchanges, questioning, a lot of happiness, evenings spent remaking the world, and a few nights of doubts!”

Fun fact: When Geneviève is not tending to her vines or in the cellar elaborating them…you can find her cruising the back roads of Beaujolais on her road bike.


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