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La Folie LuCé

Now available in NY & NJ via Volcanic Selections;

Available in MA since 2017 with Vineyard Road;

Who: Loïc Terquem, a native Parisian. Following a desire for a change in lifestyle, a year of training, and a few weeks of internship at Mathieu Vallée (Château Yvonne) in 2009, Loïc had the opportunity to take over 1 ha of vines from a winemaker who was retiring and started making his first wines.

Where: Dampierre Sur Loire is located 2 km east of Saumur, along the Loire, between Tours and Angers. In 2009, Loïc moved his family from Paris, where he worked in IT management, to the Loire, to pursue his dream to make wine.  

Why? “Parisian by birth and attracted by nature since always, after a career in IT I felt the need to practice a job that would bring me closer to my deep passion. A brief overview and the wine appeared as obvious. The Loire and its soils seemed to us the most conducive to a radical change in lifestyle.”

Vineyards: A little under 5ha of Cabernet Franc + Chenin Blanc, on 11 plots and 2 profiles of very different terroirs; limestones on the “côte Saumuroise” and silty sands on the plateau. Certified organic in 2009. Biodynamic, Demeter-certified farming practices. Only indigenous yeasts used, low-intervention in cellar, non-filtered. The average age of vines is 30 years. Chenin blanc is the queen grape for whites, cabernet franc is the king grape for reds. Prominent soil types here are sandy-silt and chalky soils. Hand harvested. “My philosophy of winemaking is to produce wines that will reflect both the soil they were grown on and the climatic profile of the year, therefore no use of commercial yeasts, only native – nor technical process, neither filtering is used to produce what I would like to call ‘sincere’ wines.”

Wines: “The difference of the juices produced on these 2 terroirs led me to create 2 red cuvées: “Encore”, resulting from the vines on the silty sands, aged 18 months in concrete vats to preserve the fruit that these soils sublimate. “Autrement”, the result of limestone soils that give more structured wines, and that I age 24 months in barrels and 24 months in bottle to reveal their complexity.
I have 50 ares of Chenin blanc who give the wine ‘L’Ecart’, fermented and aged 1 year in barrels.”

Cellar: Low SO2 totals, >28mg per cuvée, but often less. Only native yeasts are used. Loïc’s wines are non-filtered, non-fined. 

Name of the winery: “‘La Folie’ / the “Madness” characterizes somewhat what pushed me to dare such a conversion in my life, but it is also the name of the locality on which is found my first parcel. LuCé is composed of the initials of the first names of our 2 boys: Lucas and César.”

Fun facts about Loïc:

“My favorite vegetable: the pig”
“My favorite maxim: Abuse of moderation seriously harms consumption.”

La Folie LuCé wines are available in Massachusetts via Vineyard Road, Inc.


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