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Le Petit Domaine

Who: Aurélien Petit. His small estate was born in Montpeyroux (Hérault) in 2012 and is located in the heart of the village.

Where: Montpeyroux, 34150. (about 1 hour inland from Montpellier)

Vineyards: The vineyard consists of 2 separate plots: The first lot is located between Jonquières and Saint Guiraud and includes 2ha of vines ranging from 20 to 50 years old. Syrah, Carignan, and Chenin are planted here on deep soils. These parcels were saved through a monumental work as they were abandoned many years ago and required special attention.

The second plot : 2ha around Montpeyroux consists of mosaic terroirs and grape varieties. Mourvèdre on red clays, Grenache and Carignan on yellow clays, Cinsault on stony limestone.

Organic practices are a priority and the founding principles to the health of the estate, privileging work done by hand.

Pruning, disbudding, suckering, stripping if necessary … Mechanical interventions are rare and are limited to tilling the soil.

Cellar: From vine to bottling, everything is done to respect the natural qualities of the fruit and wines. The harvest is done by hand. The grapes are sorted by lot and then returned to boxes in the cellar. They are then de-stemmed for traditional macerations, de-seeded for carbonaceous maceration and gravity-fed. “I have little intervention in the cellar, which implies a rigorous follow-up and meticulousness of each stage of the creation of the wines. I only use yeasts naturally present on the grapes to ensure the vinification, associated with some pumping or pigeages.”

All wines are aged in used barrels of several wines or in vats.

All wines are neither fined nor filtered before bottling.

Le Petit Domaine wines are available direct-to-consumer in the US via the online natural wine club, Through the Grapevine :

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