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Les Pierres d’Aurèle

Les Pierres d’Aurèle

Les Pierres d’Aurèle

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Who & what ;

Les Pierres d’Aurèle is a family estate, managed by Pierre and Aurélie FROT. The young couple fell in love with this vineyard in 2010 and decided to produce a high-quality wine, made by sustainable vine-growing process (« Terra Vitis » label). Les Pierres d’Aurèle is a family vineyard of 20 ha located in the heart of the Loire Valley, a French wine region currently enjoying a vibrant renaissance…thanks in part to young, dynamic growers such as Pierre & Aurelie. For ten years, the dynamism of young winegrowers has enabled this region to rise to the rank of the best French vineyards. It is in this spirit that Pierre-André & Aurélie took over the vineyard in 2010 and they work daily to develop high-quality terroir-driven wines with character.


Located in Saint-Georges-Sur-Cher, close to the Chenonceau Castle and the Cher river, the vines of Pierres d’Aurèle are cultivated on the clay-siliceous rich terroirs of Chenonceaux with the greatest respect for the environment. Chenonceaux is a commune in the Indre-et-Loire department in central France. It is situated in the valley of the River Cher, a tributary of the Loire, about 26 km east of Tours and on the right bank of the Cher. The vines here, aged 15 to 105 years, have deliberately limited yields to obtain grapes of optimal quality.

How ; (in the fields/in the cellar)

  • The 20 ha vineyard extends over large terroirs typical of the Chenonceaux region:

– 13 ha surround the building on a stony soil of Argile à Silex. It is called “Parakeet” when the soil is very stony or “Bournais” when it is loamy.

– 7 ha are located 3 km from the estate, on a hillock of sedimentary sands deposited by the Cher in the Tertiary Era. This terroir, very chalky and drier, is called “Aubuis” when the subsoil is clayey or “Tufs” when the subsoil is chalky.

These terroirs have given their names to the five “cottages” which border the vines closest to the building.

  • It is in one wing of the building that the cellar and barrel cellar have naturally found their place, sheltered by thick rubble stone walls.

Stainless steel tanks occupy the entire height of the building and give way, in its center, to underground tanks allowing the wines to be matured at constant temperature.

Three concrete vats, built in 1905 (!) have gone through the ages and proudly bear witness to the building’s wine-making past. These are still used for the vinification and aging of red wines for aging. The porous material helps the wines evolve and age, allowing them to breathe as they grow.

Some wines of the portfolio are aged in oak barrels for 3 to 10 years in order to flourish and delicately wood.

The grapes profile;

Les Pierres d’Aurèle is a patchwork of famous grape varieties from the Loire Valley : 50 % Sauvignon Blanc , 20 % Gamay, 10 % Malbec, 10 % Cabernet Franc, 8 % Chenin blanc, rounded out with smaller parcels of Grolleau and Pineau d’Aunis.
The average age of the Pierre d’Aurèle vines is about 40 years and the oldest plots go back to 1905 (very old Pineau d’Aunis). In order to preserve this balance, new vines are planted every year and these young vines produces grapes for a second-brand wine, younger and fresher (Domaine Desroches-Mançois).






Date: December 4, 2020