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Poîvre d’Ane

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In 2013, three friends with extensive experience and an even greater passion for wine founded their own “house” committed to producing natural wines.

…a house committed to natural wines, what does it mean?

“To put it simply, we are wine merchants. But with a twist!
We called ourselves Poivre d’Âne.

Pebré d´aï in Occitan, (savory in English) is an aromatic plant native to the South of France.
For the more offbeat story:
The name “Poîvre dAne” in French comes from the fact that the plant is very popular with

Our eco-friendly wines are clean and additive-free.”

Where: Languedoc Roussillon, Rhône Valley, Provence.

How: “We create a special bond with winemakers in our network to select plots and grapes with standards of excellence, but all amidst one philosophy: to make LIVING WINES.”

Vineyards: “Bearing a social and political message from day one, Poivre d’Âne and our nonconformist winemakers decided on excluding chemicals from all vineyard and cellar activities. Instead, we rely on natural yeasts derived from the grape itself and low levels of sulfites.”

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